Mary Anne

This is the perfect place to enjoy dance without worrying about how good, how bad, how slow or how fast we learn. Everybody, I mean it, EVERYBODY can learn and have fun here, even if you have two left feet! Yovanna is amazing, super fun, and professional. And the group always find extra things to have fun together! My best part of the week happens at Kynamics!


Last year when I found I had a lot of free time on my hands Carol talked me into going to the Senior line dancing class. I have been going faithfully ever since and absolutely love it.

Several weeks ago I asked our instructor Yovana Russell to become my personal trainer. I am 68 years young and training for my 17th marathon. She has helped me so much over a short period of time with my core strength and building muscle. Last week I ran the 30k Around the Bay and felt energetic and powerful. Thanks so much and looking forward to more sessions.

Jayne W.

I always enjoy classes at KYnamics. Once the music starts I completely forget that I am exercising. I'm just having fun! Now, there have been occasions when the next day, my body is reminding me that I really did work hard but that feeling is so rewarding, it keeps me coming back. Thank you Yovana for keeping us motivated and making exercise so much fun. See you soon!

Farah L.

Yovana makes dancing  fun and easy! She loves what she does and really cares about her student and her classes.  Hope you can come and enjoy her dance moves too!   Your body, mind, spirit and soul will love you for it. It's about staying active and staying fit and healthy!

Ann M.

Dancing is fun and easy.  Yovana is high energy and fun loving and really cares about her dance classes   She makes learning dance moves easy and we smile the whole time we are moving!   You need to come and enjoy her dance moves too!   Your life will be better for it.  💃  👍  

Lauren L.

Beautiful and friendly people, nice studio, excellent instructor!!! Oh, and the best music!!! Thank you for your encouragement and the opportunities you've given me to ease me out of my shell😁