Belly Dance Program


Are you ready to add another dance skill or sharpen what you have learned ?

 Class Description

Come out and learn all about bellydance. You’ll have fun, discover muscles you didn’t even know existed, meet great people, and learn about a dance with a rich cultural history!


Why Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is becoming increasing popular with women in their 50s and 60s. Fitness, friendship and visibility are among the many reasons they are signing up to classes. And, they are not just noticing an improvement in physical health.



• Really good exercise (better than any gym session!) but at the same time, it’s so feminine. • The costumes — sparkly and gorgeous colors. • For the most part, it is low impact, • So many different variations on belly dancing — props, fusions with other forms of dancing, styles (Persian, Egyptian, Turkish) — there is always something new to discover. • Helps to de-stress from the day job. • A lovely supportive environment. • A much more defined waist — belly dancing really tones your obliques. • Some awesome party moves — everyone loves a shimmy! • Lots of really good friends. • More body confidence.